July 16, 2018

Deepness of American franchise

The other day, we received an inquiry about Japanese nursing care franchise from Texas.

I impressed and renewed the idea of “learning this know-how in Japan and bringing it back to the USA”, which is a rational idea unique to a franchise developed country. This method is correct. I have to say that it is extremely difficult to succeed by only taking a training in Japan and bringing it back to the USA. Because everything is different such as the institution, culture and environment.


I feel that the interest in nursing care services in Japan has increased in China, Taiwan, and Thailand. It is very pleasure and precious for me that an inquiry this time came from the USA.

Also, as this inquirer’s question is sharp and acquiring important points, I feel the depth of the American franchise.

I remembered the main character’s line in a US movie I saw long time ago. “I will open two or three restaurants and make it a franchise and live leisurely life.”

I would like to enjoy this deal.



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