January 28, 2018

Development of Ramen Brand in Cambodia

Some people say that Japanese ramen is not familiar yet for local people in Cambodia, however there are ramen shops operated by individuals and Japanese franchises, Ajisen and Ringer Hut, are opening shops in Phnom Penh

In Cambodia, there are not many options for shop’s properties, so it seems to be the first thing is to find an investor and a franchisee (franchise operator).

Like other Asian countries, large shopping malls are a promising destination. The current status of the main shopping malls in Cambodia is as follows.

Aeon・ Mall: The first store is operating. The second mall will be opened within next year.

Parkson Mall: The first mall will be opened within next year.

In the following article, it says “franchise enterprises will stand up further in Cambodia where there are an increasing number of people who want to enjoy overseas brands due to the increase in urban population and the rapid increase in middle class.”

Cambodia’s Economic Growth Sparks Franchise Boom

Cambodia’s Economic Growth Sparks Franchise Boom

It seems that further expansion of Japanese ramen brands is not to be far.

Franchise Japan are continuing to inform of various information to help for advancing to Cambodia through our Cambodian representative.



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